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We combine the use of images, typography, and symbols – amongst other techniques, to create engaging visual content to deliver your intended message. We specialize in a broad range of graphic design applications, including corporate design (logos and brand identity), editorial design (magazines and books), business and advertising, product packaging, signage, and apparel.



The brand identity is the personality of your business with a consistency that develops credibility to your customers over time. This personality reflects visually in its logo, color palette, name, symbols, slogan, typography, uniforms, buildings, business cards (etc.) – which collectively identify and distinguish the brand in the customers’ minds. A brand that establishes a face will gain trust in the marketplace. We help to shape the first impression your products leave on your customers long after they have purchased by making it memorable through design.



A logo is the face of your company, which can be composed of distinctive symbols and text to create a strong visual association with your business, publication, person, or service. The logo represents your brand and tells the public who you are and what you do. There are four basic types of logo categories: wordmark, lettermark, brandmark and most used combination mark. We can help identify what type of logo is best for you.

Wordmark logos, also known as a logotype, are the simplest approach, which tends to rely on text, typeface, and unique typographic rendering to express the brand’s identity because of the absence of graphic elements. The text is often literal, stating the name of the company and sometimes even what it does. Some examples of wordmark logos are Kleenex, Netflix, and Google. This type of logo can be economical for companies with limited marketing budgets that need to focus their efforts on building name-brand recognition.

Kleenex Netflix Google

Think of a lettermark logo as a monogram or an anagram for your business. A lettermark is composed of just text, like the wordmark, but the logo depends on initials to represent the brand. HP is an example of a monogram lettermark logo — it uses the initial letters of the company’s full name, Hewlett-Packard, to create the logo. Another example of a lettermark logo is International Business Machines, better known as IBM. FedEx represents an anagram lettermark logo, making use of the first few letters of each word of the corporate name — Federal Express.

Hewlett-Packard IBM Fed-Ex

Lettermarks are perfect if your full company name is a mouthful, and the initials look better than your full company name. However, the drawback is that it can leave consumers guessing what it stands for or what your company does.

A brandmark logo, also known as a logomark, is a standalone symbol or image while departing from the use of text. The symbol can be an abstract shape or pictorial object to highlight an aspect of the product or services sold. Brandmark logos are best for companies with established brand recognition and can be used on social media or for website favicons. A brandmark logo works well if you need an emblem for your product. An example of a brandmark logo is the famous Apple logo. The use of the bitten apple is quickly associated with Apple products and recognized all over the world. Another example that we are all very familiar with is the Golden Arches, which are a symbol of McDonald’s, the global fast-food restaurant chain. And of course, we can’t forget the red bullseye symbol. Do you know which company it represents? You got it – Target!

Combination logos are a marriage of a brandmark symbol with a workdmark and the most commonly used type. Elements may be used together or separately if the situation calls for it. This type of logo can effectively communicate both what a company does and what it stands for. Nestlé, Baskin Robbins, and Dove are examples of combination logos. Combination logos are not only great for established businesses but can work well for startups and small businesses.
NestleDunkin DonutsDove

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