The road to recovery

     The road to recovery can often take months for the equines in our care. We work very closely with our veterinarians, farriers, trainer, and a team of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to the positive outcome of these animals. 

     Horses who arrive here often have a multitude of injuries. We work hard to heal them from muscular, nutritional, wounds, and mental issues using a combination of healing modalities such as physical therapy,  massage, acupuncture, and many other processes. We fight to save the lives of horses that have been neglected,  abandoned, and abused. 

     Unfortunately,  we cannot save them all, and we sometimes lose the battle and must make the tough decision to have them humanely euthanized.  The good news is that we have more wins than losses and are successful in their recovery.

     For the horses who have been damaged mentally, we practice positive training methods where we refrain from using loud voices, whips, or unnecessary restraining.

The use of gentle words and motions helps build trust in human interactions and helps solve many of their mental issues.

     After the horse has gone through extensive rehab, our team can begin the task of finding them forever homes where they will live a life full of love, hope, and care.


Medical Rehab

We help horses recover from injury, muscular issues, or other physical problems. By using a combination of healing modalities such as physical therapy, massage, equine care, or other fields.

Mental Rehab

We use postitive training methods including refraining from using loud voices, ropes, whips or bucking. The use of gentle words and motions helps solve most of the mental conditions.

Horses in Rehab

/// on the road to recovery


This is Olive, a 17-year-old Grey Quarterhorse mare she is in rehab due to founder.


This is Diesel, He is in rehab due to numerous hoof abscesses caused by bad hoof care he is an 8-year-old dark bay Quarterhorse gelding.


This is Coal an 8-year-old Trakehner black gelding. He is in rehab due to thrush and atrophy of the frog and sole.

Teager and Sahara

Teager was born August 1st, 2021 and his mom is Sahara she is approximately 10 years old and she is a grey Thoroughbred mare. They are on family leave until Teager has been weaned from mom in about 3 months.


This is Hildago a 4-year-old Appaloosa gelding. He is in training with Ashley Mello.